the first of the old era of fashion

You just dig 6,000 yuan to buy a stylish new MacBook Air. It is very lightweight, thin, but fragile like lace porcelain tea set, holding in his arms and are afraid careless Suidiao. Naturally, you do not want it ruined the acquisition of a celebrity, so it watches, People, Car sturdy defense shield is imminent. Plastic? It is too ordinary. Leather? Too lowlights. Air put on the whole armor? Too bulky, right? But one thing is worth mentioning, the armor equipment seemed right track. Fashion developed to a stage when, will always be the past, the first of the old era of fashion. I recently attended a conference of the Italian brand Elena Marchesini 2012 Advanced hand-tailored fashion, turn into me from the busy Qianmen Street front door on the 23rd, all the hustle and bustle of noisy instantaneous switching into a quiet and comfortable. The organizers had gone through quite a lot of thought, site layout Guxiangguse, disorder sense of a time-celebrities, watches, People, Car empty. The ladder T station set is also very clever models are slowly marching to a grade level, graceful swaying into our sight. Looming gorgeous tulle embellished lace short tassels flowing silk long tassels or playful, stunning the audience. Party link, coloratura lyric soprano Ying Huang, soulful singing, so I indulge them, lingering sound wave. In fact, the protection provided by Diamond is unparalleled, which means that you can choose to insert celebrity, watches, People, Car to socketed gems over 8800 PC protective shell. The laptop has been in the security zone. However, before throwing it to the ground, or thrown out of your sight, you still need to think twice. The caution is not always wrong.